WWE Plans To Revisit The Lana-Liv Morgan Romance Storyline

The "one-time pop" could turn into something bigger...

Back in December 2019, WWE closed out the year with Lana and Bobby Lashley's wedding. As with most wrestling weddings, it quickly descended into chaos as Liv Morgan returned from hiatus and said she and Lana had been in a relationship during her spell on the sidelines. Rusev then emerged from the cake and brawled with Lashley to end the segment. 

WWE never planned to turn the romance angle into a fully-fledged storyline, though, and the whole thing was forgotten about after a brief feud between Morgan and Lana. 

The storyline may not be completely dead, however, as Lana recently told Sportskeeda that WWE plans to revisit the romance angle at some point. 

The Ravishing Russian said: "I can see the story picking up any time, any day. You know? Like I think it's a very, very compelling story and I would love to revisit it. So, that's what I was told. That we're going to revisit it at some point. So I'm looking forward to revisiting it at some point."

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