WWE Raw Results - July 26, 2021: Charlotte Flair Vs. Nikki A.S.H, Raw Tag Team Title Match

An episode of Raw that won't live long in the memory

Monday Night Raw headed to T-Mobile Center in Kansas City, Missouri for the July 26, 2021 show. John Cena surprisingly did not make an appearance during the live broadcast and outside of some odd booking decisions, it was another Raw that won't live long in the memory. Check out what happened below:

Nikki A.S.H addresses the crowd

This week's show opened up with the new Raw Women's Champion Nikki A.S.H. While she may not be popular in Pittsburgh or Louisville, A.S.H received a decent reaction from the crowd at the T-Mobile Center but she received a spattering of boos every time she referenced her costume.   

After receiving some "you deserve it" chants, A.S.H told the crowd that if you believe in yourself, you can overcome all of the odds and the champion ended the promo by saying we can all be almost superheroes. 

This led to an interruption from Charlotte Flair and The Queen called A.S.H being Raw Women's Champion a disgrace. Flair then blamed Rhea Ripley for last week's loss and she claimed A.S.H only won the title because of The Nightmare's post-match attack. 

Flair eventually declared she would reclaim the Raw Women's Title at SummerSlam and this resulted in an interruption from Rhea Ripley, who said she would be the one to beat Nikki A.S.H at SummerSlam.

All three women then jawed back and forth until Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville entered the building and announced the Raw Women's Championship will be defended in a Triple Threat match at SummerSlam. 

This wasn't good enough for Flair, though, and she revealed she wanted to face Nikki A.S.H tonight to prove the new Raw Women's Champion wasn't on her level. Nikki accepted to bring the segment to an end. 

Damian Priest def. Sheamus – Championship Contenders Match

It was then time for the first match on the show and Damian Priest faced Sheamus in what WWE referred to as a Championship Contenders Match. Both men enjoyed time on top during the 10-minute bout and Priest eventually picked up the win with Hit The Lights. 

AJ Styles & Omos def. The Viking Raiders – Raw Tag Team Championship 

Next on the show was a Money In The Bank rematch between The Viking Raiders and AJ Styles & Omos. Similar to past Raw Tag Team Title matches, the challengers worked over AJ Styles while Omos was allowed to look like a monster. 

Down the stretch, Omos annihilated Erik with a Two-Handed Chokeslam and Styles put the Viking Raider away with a Springboard 450 Splash to retain the gold. 

Drew McIntyre def. Veer by Disqualification

Next on the show was Drew McIntyre vs. Veer, but we had promos from The Scottish Warrior and Jinder Mahal beforehand. 

Mahal opened the exchange by lambasting the crowd for cheering while McIntyre battered Shanky with chair shots last week. The Modern-Day Maharaja then revealed he planned on suing McIntyre unless Drew apologised. 

McIntyre told Jinder to shut up and refused to apologise for last week's attack. He then led the crowd in a chant of Drew is gonna kill you" aimed at Mahal just before the bell rang. 

Once the match got underway, Veer dominated much of the action following a distraction from Jinder Mahal. Drew eventually fought back and he ended up decking Veer with a Claymore while Mahal's protégé was holding a chair. As a result, the referee called for the bell and somehow the official decided McIntyre was the winner by disqualification despite him having just Claymored a chair into Veer's face. 

Drew's anger then continued after the match and he decked Mahal's attorney with a Claymore to bring the segment to an end. 

Tamina & Natalya def. Doudrop & Eva Marie – Championship Contenders Match

After a recap of Eva Marie tripping on Alexa's Playground last week, Eva Marie and Doudrop faced Women's Tag Team Champions Tamina and Natalya. 

Natalya suffered an injury only one minute into the contest, though, and clutched her right leg before she tagged in Tamina. The Queen Of Harts immediately sought medical attention and she was taken backstage by WWE medical personnel.

The action in the ring continued while this was happening and Marie looked to pin Tamina following a Crossbody from Doudrop. A Lilly-lution video suddenly played on the titantron, though, distracting Eva and Tamina capitalised with a Superkick for the 1-2-3.

Karrion Kross def. Keith Lee

Next up was a rematch from NXT TakeOver 30 as Karrion Kross went one on one with Keith Lee. 

The Limitless One managed to fight out of the Kross Jacket after a few minutes and he tried to follow up with a Spirit Bomb. Kross managed to counter into a Saito Suplex, however, and he capitalised with a forearm to the back of Lee's head. The NXT Champion then reapplied the Kross Jacket and Lee tapped out. 

Keith's difficult return to Monday Night Raw continues.

Mustafa Ali & Mansoor def. Mace and T-Bar

Another short match on the show followed as Mansoor and Mustafa Ali had their scheduled tag team bout against T-Bar and Mace.

Both Mansoor and Ali saved each other at different intervals and the new team picked up the win after Mansoor countered a Chokeslam attempt from Mace into a roll-up. 

Bobby Lashley responds to Goldberg

Bobby Lashley headed to the ring with MVP for the next segment on the show and the WWE Champion announced he wouldn't even dignify Goldberg's disrespect with a response. 

This led to an interruption from Cedric Alexander and the former Cruiserweight Champion talked about how Bobby disrespected him earlier this year by excommunicating him from the Hurt Business. Alexander claimed Lashley did this because Bobby knew Cedric was better than him and he challenged The All Mighty to a match. 

The Hurt Business reunion then continued as Shelton Benjamin headed to the ring and said he was there to give Lashley a real challenge. 

Ever the confident champion, Lashley announced he would face both men in a Handicap Match.

Bobby Lashley def. Cedric Alexander & Shelton Benjamin

The match immediately got underway and the former Raw Tag Team Champions got in some offence after they started working together. 

Lashley quickly regained control, though, and he decimated Benjamin with a Jackhammer before he delivered a Dominator to Cedric and pinned both men. 

A plan was afoot following the match as AJ Styles and Omos approached The Miz and John Morrison backstage to talk about something important.

John Morrison def. Riddle

The Most Moist See WWE Superstar was then in action in the next match on the show against Riddle. 

Both men played into comedy early on as The Miz sprayed Riddle with water with the drip stick. A wet Riddle decked Miz with a PK as a result, causing the two-time WWE Champion to fall over in his wheelchair. 

After a break, AJ Styles and Omos sauntered to the ring and they eventually distracted Riddle from hitting a Floating Bro after Omos destroyed the former United States Champion's scooter. This allowed Morrison to capitalise and Johnny Drip Drip pinned Riddle following a Starship Pain. 

Styles and Omos then wasted no time and attacked Riddle after the bell as the fans in attendance chanted for Randy Orton. The Viper wasn't there to save his tag team partner, though, and AJ left Riddle lying following a Styles Clash.

Reginald def. R-Truth – 24/7 Championship

Another short match on the show followed and R-Truth channelled his inner Kenny Omega from ScrapperMania III as he was mic'd up throughout.  

The 90-second match centred around comedy and Reginald put R-Truth away with a Somersault Senton. A 24/7 Title chase then ensued and Reginald escaped by flipping over the top rope.

Charlotte Flair def. Nikki A.S.H

It was then time for the main event of the show and WWE strangely booked the new Raw Women's Champion to lose her first match with the gold around her waist. 

Flair mocked A.S.H throughout the contest and The Queen secured the clean victory after she reversed a Flying Crossbody from Nikki into a pin.

Kevin Patrick interviewed Flair after the match and she proclaimed no one was in her league. A.S.H then grabbed the microphone and said "I showed myself that I almost could have won and I have the confidence that I can beat you Charlotte." An angry A.S.H then challenged Flair to a rematch, which The Queen accepted. 

Flair then Chopped the champion in front of a young girl with a Nikki A.S.H sign and The Queen left Nikki lying following a big boot as Raw went off the air. 

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