WWE Raw Results - June 14, 2021

The go-home episode before WWE Hell In A Cell

WWE Monday Night Raw on June 14 was the go-home show ahead of Sunday's Hell In A Cell pay-per-view.

The show opened with a look inside Alexa Bliss' Playground. Bliss discusses what happened to Shayna Baszler last week, saying the former NXT Women's Champion got what she deserved. Nia Jax arrives and, after a brief exchange, tells Bliss to meet her in the ring. Bliss is happy to accept.

We cut to another backstage segment where Charlotte Flair says Rhea Ripley doesn't have the maturity to be Raw Women's Champion. Flair doesn't need to have a match tonight but wants to erase her loss to Nikki Cross.

Nikki Cross def. Charlotte Flair via Count-out

A quick back-and-forth between the two results in both being outside the ring. Flair hits Cross with a Fallaway Slam on the floor before getting into a verbal exchange with Ripley, who is ringside. She doesn't notice Cross roll back into the ring or the referee's count, and is counted out.

Flair attacks Cross after the match, only for Ripley to get in the ring and hit her Hell In A Cell challenger with a Riptide.

John Morrison (w/The Miz) def. Jeff Hardy

After a brief interchange backstage with Riddle about being a good tag-team partner, Jeff Hardy is out to the ring for a match with John Morrison. During the match, Cedric Alexander comes out to ringside.

Hardy hits Whisper In The Wind before the two fight on the apron. Morrison stuns Hardy on the top rope before hitting Starship Pain to get the pin.

Jeff Hardy def. Cedric Alexander

Alexander gets on the mic and says he was going to apologise to Hardy for the way he acted last week but saw that Hardy mocked him after their match. He regrets not sending Hardy to a retirement home. Hardy grabs a mic himself and challenges Alexander to an immediate match, saying he'll retire if he loses. 

Alexander reverses a Twist of Fate into a Michinoku Driver. Hardy kicks out. Alexander goes for a Swanton but misses. Hardy hits a Swanton for the win.

Piper Niven (Eva Marie?) def. Naomi

Eva Marie is walking to the ring for her return match, with NXT UK's Piper Niven with her. Niven gets in the ring and demands the referee rings the bell. Niven throws Naomi around the ring before hitting a a Michinoku Driver for the win. Marie then gets on the mic and declares herself the winner of the match.

Backstage segments

We then get two quick backstage segments as WWE Women's Tag Team Champions Natalya and Tamina get into a fight with Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose, before Drew McIntyre declares that he will win the WWE Championship at Hell In A Cell.

Randy Orton & Riddle def. The New Day

Riddle puts Xavier Woods in a sleeper hold before Woods tags in Kingston. Woods and Kingston hit an assisted atomic drop. Orton tags in and also gets double-teamed. 

Both he and Riddle are tossed out of the ring, and Woods and Kingston both feint dive onto them, causing them to run away. 

After the break, Riddle lands a fisherman’s buster on Woods. Orton lifts Riddle in the air for a mini Floating Bro. Orton and Riddle both work on Woods, who eventually manages to tag in Kingston. Kingston clears the ring. Orton tags in Riddle, who attacks Kingston in the corner before landing an exploder. Riddle hits the Floating Bro. Orton stops Woods from breaking up the pin, but Kingston kicks out.

After another break, Kingston gets a blind tag as Riddle superplexes Woods. As soon as Riddle and Woods hit the canvas, Kingston frog splashes Riddle. Orton breaks up the pin.

Orton powerbombs Woods with assistance from Riddle. Woods kicks out. Orton goes for the hangman’s DDT. Kingston hold onto Woods' feet to save him. Riddle attempts to German Suplex Woods but The New Day get a Doomsday Double Stomp on Riddle. Riddle pushes out of the pin. 

Kingston dives off the top and gets kicked out of the air by Riddle. Orton counters Woods’ Honor Roll into the RKO for the win.

Rhea Ripley def. Asuka

Quick pin attempts are traded by the two superstars. Ripley shrugs off a clothesline by Asuka. Ripley hits Asuka with a headbutt. Asuka turns the Raw Women's Champon into an octopus hold. Ripley escapes that but ends up trapped in a sleeper. Ripley falls backward and lands on top of Asuka. Asuka kicks out. 

Outside the ring, Ripley throws Asuka face-first on the barricade. 

After a break, Asuka German Suplexes Ripley. Asuka unloads on Ripley with kick after kick. Ripley counters and hits a series of knee strikes. Ripley hits Riptide for the win.

After the match, Charlotte Flair attacks Ripley. The two have to be separated by WWE referees and officials.

Backstage segment - Bobby Lashley

The WWE Champion says it will all be over for Drew McIntyre when they step into Hell In A Cell on Sunday. Lashley says he will publicly execute the Scotsman.

Alexa Bliss def. Nia Jax via DQ

Jax throws Bliss across the ring before hitting a leg drop. Bliss is sitting on the top rope as Reginald jumps on the apron. Bliss hits a DDT on Jax before hitting a Twisted Bliss. She goes for the pin but Reginald pulls her off Jax, causing a disqualification.

After the match, Bliss seems to hypnotise Reginald.

Backstage segment - MVP & The New Day 

MVP goes into The New Day's locker room and blames Woods for Kingston not having more World Championship matches. MVP adds that Woods is keeping Kingston down. Kingston tries to stand up for his friend, but MVP tells Kingston to have fun with his little mates.

Ryker def. Elias via count-out

There's a bit of a beat down and then Elias just...leaves? Count-out win for Ryker again.

Drew McIntyre def. AJ Styles (w/ Omos) via DQ

Lashley and MVP are watching the match from the stage. McIntyre hits a DDT before calling for the Claymore. Omos pulls Styles out of the ring. Lashley comes down to the ring after McIntyre mocks him. The Viking Raiders come out to backup McIntyre. 

After the break, Styles is attacking McIntyre. Pele Kick by Styles. McIntyre responds with a Clothesline that turns Styles inside out. McIntyre hits multiple Suplexes. 

Lashley tries to assault McIntyre outside the ring but McIntyre fights him off. McIntyre gets back in the ring only to be blindsided by Lashley, causing a disqualification.

A brawl breaks out between all six men and we get a six-man tag, which feels very SmackDown of ten years ago.

Drew McIntyre & The Viking Raiders def. Bobby Lashley, AJ Styles & Omos

Lashley doesn't join the match until midway through because he had to get changed into his wrestling gear. Omos tosses Erik and Ivar into the crowd before Styles tags in Lashley. Lashley runs straight for McIntyre, who hits a Claymore to get the win for his team!

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