WWE Remove All References To Joe Gacy NXT 2.0 Character Following Mainstream Media Coverage

Gacy's 'woke' character got some interesting coverage

WWE have seemingly removed all references to Joe Gacy's new character after a number of mainstream media outlets covered the gimmick.

The September 21 episode of WWE NXT 2.0 saw Gacy debut a new 'woke' gimmick during the show. After being involved in the opening segment, Gacy cut a promo in the ring ahead of his match with Cameron Grimes, saying the ring is a safe space.

Gacy then went on to say he brings a mindset of conflict resolution, and won't need to use 'male privilege' to get what he wants. He also believes we can achieve unity and tolerance for all, and he is the man that will show us how to achieve peace in the safe space that is the ring.

Gacy would lose his match with Grimes, but smiled throughout the bout before hugging his opponent at the end.

The new character has received some notable mainstream media coverage since Tuesday. American outlets The New York Post and FOX News both suggested that WWE were taking aim at the 'woke left', running headlines that read: "WWE pokes fun at the woke left with new wrestler" and "WWE pins woke left with controversial new wrestler".

Meanwhile, United Kingdom-based newspaper The Daily Mail also covered the new WWE character, writing an article titled: "WWE bodyslams the woke left: New character Joe Gacy says he 'doesn't need to use male privilege' to get what he wants before he sweeps opponent into a HUG".

Since then, WWE have removed all references to Gacy's new gimmick, taking down the video of the Gacy vs. Grimes match from their YouTube, plus all related tweets. The clip has also been removed from the WWE website library, and the only remaining sign of Gacy’s new politically correct gimmick are photos included in this week’s NXT gallery on the WWE website.

It should be noted that the Gacy segment is still available for viewing on the NXT 2.0 episode that was just added to Peacock and the WWE Network.

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