WWE Reportedly Cuts Pay For Referees And Producers

WWE personnel continue to feel the effects of current situation...

It has been reported that WWE are continuing in their cost-cutting measures, with referees and producers asked to take significant pay cuts.

According to Dave Meltzer of the the Wrestling Observer, most (if not all) referees have taken a pay cut. There is a belief that this could constitute up to 20 percent of their pay. 

The company's remaining producers will also be taking a smaller salary home with them. 

WWE have of course released or furloughed many talents, producers, referees and office staff since mid-April. The current pay cuts are a continuation of the company's plan to combat the financial losses that they will incur as they attempt to deal with the fallout of the Covid-19 crises. 

The consensus is that WWE will bring back some of the producers who were furloughed once the organisation begins running live events again. When that will be is, at this time, uncertain. 

It is entirely possible that WWE will continue to ask their employees to take pay cuts, or will place them on furlough, for as long as they are unable to operate as normal.

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