WWE Reportedly Released Jeff Hardy Knowing He Might Join AEW

Jeff’s brother Matt is All Elite

Jeff Hardy was released from WWE yesterday reportedly due to personal issues, in a move that has rocked the wrestling world.

Reasons for Hardy’s release haven’t been disclosed by WWE, but reports surfaced suggesting that WWE released him after the former WWE Champion refused rehab.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer has potentially shed some more light on Hardy’s release, suggesting that Jeff could join brother Matt in AEW:

“WWE did this [released Hardy] with full knowledge there was at least a chance Hardy would be signed by AEW and would likely be a major star there. But once Hardy refused to go to rehab, WWE’s hands were tied. Whether AEW hires him is a different issue. This type of situation is nothing new for Hardy, and both TNA and WWE had, over and over, hired him after the other had let him go for these same reasons. And in most cases, the end of the story ended up the same.”

Hardy’s release marks the end of his third run with WWE.

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