WWE Reportedly Still Have No Plans To Air 'Vladimir' Documentary

The documentary was supposed to be released months ago

WWE are reportedly still to put together a plan for the release of the highly anticipated 'Superfan: The Story of Vladimir' documentary. 

WWE announced the documentary looking at the live and story of super-fan Vladimir Abouzeide back at WrestleMania 37 but, despite airing the film during the Los Angeles Shorts documentary film festival, it is yet to be released either on the WWE Network or through one of WWE's television partners. 

According to PWInsider, the Vladimir documentary is 100 per cent completed and ready to go, but WWE have made no decisions about where to place it. There had been some talk of trying to spin extra revenue by selling to a third-party, but there has been no further word on that front. 

For now, the completed film sits in 'suspended animation', with the report noting that it will require updating because portions of the documentary will be outdated in 2022.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider notes that no one from WWE has contacted Vladimir in months and, having seen the film himself, describes it as one of the best all-time pieces of production WWE have ever done. 

Johnson also notes that Vladimir has had some health issues of late and hopes WWE releases the film sooner than later.

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