WWE Reportedly "Very Interested" In AEW's MJF

MJF, future WWE Champion?

Could MJF be WWE's Salt Of The Earth after 2024? 

Maxwell Jacob Friedman hasn't been afraid to say that he might jump to WWE in 2024 after his All Elite Wrestling contract expires and according to Andrew Zarian of the Mat Men Pro Wrestling Podcast, WWE are "very interested" in the Pinnacle leader. 

A source within WWE said: "He has everything we would want. It really depends on if he could be that same person on WWE TV. We want new stars to be the focus within the next few years. That's the plan." 

Interest in MJF also extends to WWE's TV partners, FOX and USA, and Zarian noted he was asked by several people within the organisations about Friedman because his feud with CM Punk has brought in "a new level of interest" from viewers who don't follow professional wrestling on both networks. 

An individual at either FOX or USA told Zarian: "I actually stopped what I was doing and listened to him. I don't think I have done that with pro wrestling in a long time."

This has led to inquiries about if MJF's contract really does expire in 2024 and those within WWE have reportedly had similar conversations. 

If MJF will jump to WWE in 2024 ultimately remains to be seen, but AEW President Tony Khan has said in the past he is "fine" with being drawn into a bidding war over Friedman's services in 2024.  

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