WWE's 2024 Plans For Sami Zayn Revealed

Sami Zayn's 2024 WWE plans revealed

One of WWE's most popular talents will be pushed firmly into the main event picture over the next 12 months. 

According to FightFans, Sami Zayn will be receiving a "slow burn push" towards the World Heavyweight Title picture. When he resurfaces on WWE TV, though, Zayn will be entering a programme with Drew McIntyre. 

"Long-term story. Likely for a long while. He [Sami] will be coming for McIntyre when he comes back seeing as Drew took him out. Establish Zayn as a singles main event talent properly then slowly build towards his WHC push. I'd like to say 2025 but I can't be so sure about a date," FightFans were told.

Zayn has been off WWE programming since he was taken out backstage by Drew McIntyre on the December 4 edition of Monday Night Raw. This came after a match between the two talents, during which McIntyre targeted Zayn's leg throughout. WWE commentator Michael Cole later announced that Zayn was dealing with a partially torn meniscus.

In reality, Zayn requested and was granted time off. He made his return at the December 26 house show in Madison Square Garden and ended up suffering a nasty gash to the head on December 29 that required 15 stitches. Zayn sustained the injury in a Last Man Standing Match with Finn Balor in Toronto after part of a table hit Zayn when Balor was sent crashing through it. 

Zayn was involved in the WWE main event scene throughout 2023. He unsuccessfully challenged for both the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship and World Heavyweight Title during the year. 

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