WWE's Becky Lynch Comments Further On Issues With Charlotte Flair: "We Don't Like Each Other"

A collapsed friendship

Becky Lynch has commented further on her real-life issues with fellow WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair ahead of their Champion vs. Champion Match at Survivor Series, saying, "We don't like each other."

Lynch and Flair were previously best friends but Big-Time Becks has detailed on Ariel Helwani's MMA Hour how their friendship fell apart after she became one of WWE's biggest stars.

"I'm sure she would give you a different side, and I'll give you my side. My star was rising, we were the best of friends and it all worked when she was on top and I was below. And we could all see the way things were going in 2019. Like, people were really behind me, really rallying behind me, and this turn would turn me into a different league, and I don't think, she couldn't take that, and has never been able to take it since," Lynch began.

"I think it's affected her work. Even now, I think it's affected her. I think she's potentially one of the greatest, but I think I'm so in her head that she's lost it a bit. I think she's lost a step because she's got that jealousy and she's got that little devil on her shoulder, and that devil is me always being one step ahead of her, and she doesn't like it," she continued.

"I think she thought her birthright is she's the star. Doesn't matter that I started wrestling when I was 15 and left home and travelled the world to chase this dream, doesn't matter that I was never one of the chosen ones. She was born into this and she deserves it. WrestleMania main events should be hers by birthright. I think that's her thinking. I think we know where she gets that thinking from." 

Lynch also spoke about her now-infamous title swap segment with Flair from the October 22 edition of SmackDown, noting that she predicted Flair would go off-script.  

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