WWE’s Becky Lynch: Story Is More Important Than Flips

The Man thinks audiences recall stories more than moves

There are many elements involved in making a wrestling match, and according to WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch the story of the match is far more important than the moves involved.

Speaking on a media session that included Metro during the WWE’s recent UK tour, Lynch touted how engaging with the crowd and getting them invested is the main thing she works towards:

"There’s so many lessons. One, I think, is that the connection with the crowd is the most important thing. It’s more important than moves, it’s more important than anything, being able to connect with an audience. I feel like that is something I got fairly early on – whether or not I was any good, it was just being able to connect with an audience.

"And two, was story above all else. I think sometimes, as wrestlers who love wrestling, we want to have a good wrestling match in spite of story. Does that make sense? That can sometimes convolute things,’ she insisted. ‘And, really, the things that everybody remembers is story, it’s not moves. It’s not flips. It’s not Canadian Destroyers. It’s a story, and how that whole story makes you feel. And that’s what we do, we’re storytellers. I think I learned that fairly early on that that’s more important.”

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