WWE's Charlotte Flair Reportedly Has TV Show In The Works

The Queen Of The Small Screen...

WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair will be taking some time away from wrestling in order to undergo a surgical procedure. 

It was reported that Charlotte will be taking time away, with the former multi-time Women's Champion detailing the reasons why in a series of tweets. 

Per Flair, she will be stepping away to get surgery that will correct a prior procedure on one of her breast implants, which had begun leaking. 

This upcoming surgery will supposedly provide a long-term fix for the issue. 

As well as the surgery, Charlotte will also reportedly be working on some TV projects away from the ring. 

According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, the details are sketchy but the deal is apparently for a reality TV show. It is unclear at this time whether this is an outside project or if WWE are working on it with her. 

WWE have had success in the past with reality TV shows like Total Divas, which is produced by E!. 

The TV deal (coupled with her surgery) may also impact when Charlotte is able to come back and wrestle for WWE.

There is currently no date scheduled for her return, but WWE would reportedly like her to be back in time for SummerSlam. 

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