WWE's Karrion Kross Responds To Randy Orton's Twitter Challenge

Kross was called out by the Legend Killer on social media

Karrion Kross thoroughly enjoyed Randy Orton's Tweet calling him out and is looking forward to locking up with the WWE legend in the future.

Orton responded to one of Kross' own messages on the social media platform in early February, telling the former NXT Champion to come up to the main roster so they can fight and make money. 

The Legend Killer enjoys having fun with his Twitter account and the message prompted a laugh from Kross, who believes people should make light of their personalities on social media. 

The 35-year-old is, however, looking forward to getting the chance to wrestle Orton in the future.

"I laughed about it because I had woke up that morning, did cardio, came back, and then I turned my phone on, and that was the first thing I saw on social media," Kross told FOX Sports.

"My first, immediate reaction, because I saw what time it was tweeted, I was like, "What?!? What is this?" It was very late in the morning. I was like, "I clearly missed a very good time last night." But, yeah, it was very flattering, and I thought it was awesome, and I think the world of him. 

"I’d even said this before: I think more people should be having fun on social media rather than keeping it like this overly serious, overly sensitive battle ground. 

"I don’t know him personally, but I do know that the guy has a sense of humour. I’ve been aware of that for a time, and as flattering as it was, I know he’s only kidding around. But I can’t wait to work with him in the future. I’m definitely interested in doing that. 

"In order for him to hit the RKO, he’s going to have to give me his back, and a lot of bad things can happen."

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