WWE's Kevin Owens Reveals Who Threw The Pie At Him

Now they can be brought to justice...

Back on the July 4, 2016 episode of Monday Night Raw, WWE descended into chaos as the World's Largest Food Fight broke out backstage. A myriad of Superstars were involved as The Miz had a suit ruined, everyone got covered in ketchup, and Heath Slater was Chokeslammed through a table by Kane and The Big Show.

One Superstar who appeared to escape unharmed was Kevin Owens as he cleverly hid underneath a table. However, once the dust settled, he made his escape only to receive a pie to the face. 

The incident has remained one of the company's greatest mysteries as many have long wondered who the culprit was. WWE investigated the despicable act and questioned Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Tyler Breeze & Fandango but there was not enough evidence to bring anyone to justice. The Fashion Police even reopened the investigation in 2017 on Fashion Files, but alas, they were unable to crack the case. 

Now, K.O himself has revealed who hit him with the pie. During an interview on The AJ Awesome Show, Owens said while he might who have actually thrown the pie, Vince McMahon was the man behind the reprehensible act.

The former Universal Champion said: "I get asked that question all the time. And I guess the only answer I can give people is that in the end, even if it wasn't him who physically did it, the one who ultimately threw the pie is Vince McMahon because he’s the one who decided that pie was going to hit me in the face. And he wasn't there physically to do it but he's the one who made it happen."

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