Chris Jericho Reveals He Would Be Feuding With Jungle Boy In AEW If The Coronavirus Pandemic Hadn't Happened

A rivalry revisited...

In December and January, Jungle Boy and Chris Jericho showed their disdain for one another when they faced off in a brief rivalry. Jungle Jack was The Painmaker's final opponent in 2019 as he fit Jericho's very small criteria outlined in the Lexicon Of Le Champion. 

This led to a match on the December 18 episode which ended in a 10-minute time limit draw after Jungle Boy refused to tap out while trapped in the Walls Of Jericho. Their rivalry came to an end on Chris Jericho's Rock "N" Wrestling Rager At Sea as the former AEW World Champion emerged victorious in a six-man tag team match.

Jericho then transitioned to his rivalry with Jon Moxley ahead of Revolution, with AEW seemingly having forgotten about the Jungle Boy feud. 

Le Champion revealed this isn't the case, however, as after Dave Meltzer wrote on Twitter that the angle needed to be followed up on, Jericho said they would currently be revisiting the feud if the coronavirus pandemic hadn't happened.

Meltzer tweeted: "Agreed, that angle needed a follow-up series.  Maybe we'll get to that later.  Jericho's big program was Moxley so maybe they felt it wasn't the time right away.  But it is a natural TV program they could do when things are normal, especially now that Jericho isn't champion."

The Inner Circle leader replied: "Had the world not gone crazy, we would be revisiting that now."

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