WWE’s Kofi Kingston: Xavier Woods Is Underrated And Has A Legit Top Mind For Wrestling

“The New Day doesn't happen if Xavier Woods doesn't have the idea.”

With Big E currently holding the WWE Championship, and Kofi Kingston previously having a run with the title, it’s safe to say that New Day stablemate Xavier Woods is a little under-rated, and Kofi Kingston agrees.

In a conversation with Sportskeeda, Kingston praised his team-mate, and said Woods’ wrestling mind is top notch:

"He's very underrated number one, incredibly underrated," said Kingston. "I don't think people understand that his wrestling mind is legit top-notch, having conversations with him and talking about matches and ideas, top notch wrestling mind for sure. The New Day doesn't happen if Xavier Woods doesn't have the idea, culminating in that you know that big old cauldron that he calls his brain.”

"I mean, ‘Up, Up, Down, Down’, right, Like we used to play video games, we will be playing our PSPs," Kingston added. "We played video games all backstage for years before Woods was even on the roster. And then Woods comes around, and then within like a year, he has the idea to put it all on YouTube, and now it's at like 2 million subscribers. Why didn't anyone think of that? Of course, people would want to see that like it seems so obvious, but his mind operates differently in the heart and soul that he's put into that."

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