WWE's Paige Researching Trade Unionism

Following WWE's takeover of Superstars' Twitch and Cameo accounts...

Vince McMahon recently told WWE talent the company will be taking over their Twitch and Cameo accounts in the next month. This means Superstars will now only receive a percentage of the revenue they generate from Twitch and the money will count against their downside guarantees. If the same circumstances apply to Cameo is currently unknown. 

This has led to calls within the industry for professional wrestlers to unionise, and WWE's Paige revealed on Twitter that she has been researching trade unionism.

She tweeted: "Learned a lot about unionism today."

The Anti-Diva may have some support with her research, as WWE Superstar Zelina Vega replied: "[thinking face emoji] hmm.."

If this will lead to a wider campaign to form a wrestler's union remains to be seen, but there has been no serious attempt to unionise WWE talent since 1986. 

At the time, Jesse Ventura held a locker room meeting and brought up the idea of establishing a union. The meeting didn't go anywhere, though, and Vince McMahon threatened to fire Ventura if he mentioned unionisation again. The former Governor of Minnesota later discovered Hulk Hogan "ratted" on him to McMahon only hours after the meeting.  

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