WWE's Piper Niven Responds To Body-Shaming On Social Media

A classy response from the new WWE Raw star

Piper Niven has taken to Twitter to react to body-shaming comments from wrestling fans on social media.

Niven made her WWE main roster debut on Monday Night Raw, aligning with Eva Marie and quickly defeating Naomi. Marie would then declare herself the winner of the match from ringside.

Niven was sadly the victim of negative comments from some fans following her appearance on Raw, leading to Mia Yim describing the remarks as 'disgusting' statements from people who were 'bold behind the screens'. Her sentiments were echoed by Charlotte Flair, Bronson Reed, and others.

Viper piper niven tweet june 2021

The former NXT UK star has now responded to the comments herself, replying to a fan who questioned why people felt the need to try and bring her down.

Writing on social media, Niven said: "Successful big people are often met with this because we remind people of their own shortcomings, they want to believe that success is only for the “perfect people” and that’s why they didn’t achieve their dreams and we prove them wrong. Don’t even worry about them, I don’t."

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