WWE Star Seth Rollins Admits He Wasn't Excited About Turning Heel In Late 2019

He thinks he got the "raw end of the deal" with The Fiend...

During his feud with "The Fiend" Bray Wyatt, Seth Rollins started to receive a mixed reaction from the WWE audience. This only continued after he dropped the Universal Championship to Bray as he was booed during his Survivor Series match which prompted WWE to turn him heel in December 2019.

Now, Rollins finds himself as a cult leader as The Monday Night Messiah with his disciples Akam, Rezar, and Murphy. 

The former Universal Champion recently appeared on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg and he admitted he wasn't initially excited about turning heel in WWE. Rollins thought he had a lot of momentum after his feud with Lesnar and that he was given the "raw end of the deal" in his rivalry with The Fiend. He also felt "the wrong audience" was somewhat forcing WWE's hand in turning him heel which only made him feel underwhelmed by the whole situation. 

Rollins said: "No, it wasn't something that I was excited about out of the gate. I felt like I got a raw end of the deal when it came to what I was doing at the time, the position that I was put in with The Fiend, with the character there. The Hell In A Cell and the Super ShowDown matches. Actually, I had just come off what I thought was an incredible match and long story with Brock Lesnar from SummerSlam and I thought maybe the wrong audience was chiming in a little too loudly. So we ended up going in a different direction and The Monday Night Messiah character was born." 

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