WWE Stomping Grounds 2019 Results And Notes

All of the action from Tacoma...

The first ever WWE Stomping Grounds has come and gone, and although the event had its share of flaws and imperfections (namely the hard camera side being almost totally tarped off like a SmackDown taping), the in-ring action was considered pretty good for the most part.

Here are the complete match results:

WWE Cruiserweight: Drew Gulak def. Tony Nese and Akira Tozawa to win the title (Kickoff Show)

A very fast-paced match that one comes to expect out of 205 Live, especially when presented as a pay-per-view appetizer. After Tozawa sent Nese flying off the apron and into the rail with a dropkick, Gulak finished Tozawa with a torture rack neckbreaker to capture the gold.

Raw Women's: Becky Lynch def. Lacey Evans by submission

Match included a spot where Lynch took Evans' handkerchief (after Evans cleaned herself with it) and stuck it down into Evans' mouth. Evans ended up missing a moonsault, to which Lynch immediately slapped on the Dis-Arm-Her for the very quick tap out.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn def. Big E and Xavier Woods

Woods had to fend for himself earlier on after Big E was taken out with an Owens superkick. Cool spot where Woods lifted Big E onto his shoulders and electric chair-dropped him onto Zayn. Big E saved Woods after the pop-up powerbomb, but Owens finished shortly after with the stunner.

WWE United States: Ricochet def. Samoa Joe to win the title

Lots of fast-paced action, with what you'd expect out of killer powerhouse Joe and artful daredevil Ricochet clashing. Lots of near falls down the stretch, and Ricochet cleverly escaped the Cocquina Clutch by deftly maneuvering onto the apron. A codebreaker and a 630 splash ended it, giving Ricochet his first piece of main roster gold.

SmackDown Tag Team: Daniel Bryan and Rowan def. Heavy Machinery

Tacoma crowd treated Bryan like the second coming, and booed Heavy Machinery by proxy. Otis and Tucker both had a very good showing, and the match was treated as much more than midcard filler. Tucker cross-bodied Rowan from the top rope to the floor, but was cradled and pinned by Bryan moments later.

SmackDown Women's: Bayley def. Alexa Bliss

Story of the match was Bayley having her arm and shoulder worked over, while Nikki Cross lurked around ringside as Bliss' insurance policy. Cross tried to insinuate herself late after Bayley hit her with a suicide dive, which caused Bliss to be distracted. After Twisted Bliss didn't connect, Bayley finished with the Belly-to-Bayley.

Roman Reigns def. Drew McIntyre

Shane McMahon, as expected, constantly interfered in the match, though Reigns kept kicking out of every potential finish. Shane even hit the coast-to-coast after the referee was incapacitated. No matter, Reigns managed to polish McIntyre off with a spear, after throwing McMahon out of the ring.

WWE World/Steel Cage: Kofi Kingston def. Dolph Ziggler

Rather methodical, submission-based match, with Ziggler mostly working Kingston's leg after Kofi injured it dropping out of a suplex. Lots of escape attempts with the door down the stretch, with Ziggler gaining the upper hand. However, as Ziggler crawled through the open frame, Kofi suicide-dove through the ropes over top of Ziggler, landing on the floor for the win.

WWE Universal: Seth Rollins def. Baron Corbin

Guest referee was Lacey Evans, since Rollins had assaulted all the possible candidates in previous weeks, but couldn't hit a woman. Crowd didn't care for this for a while, and openly ridiculed the typical "heel ref tries to screw the face at every turn" layout. Corbin hit End of Days, but Becky Lynch finally hit the ring to take Lacey down. John Cone (who's been at odds with Corbin since Super ShowDown) took over, and Rollins managed to win with the Curb Stomp. Rollins and Lynch then celebrated together.


Paul Heyman was at the show, teased as a possible referee candidate for the Universal title match when he was shown emerging from Corbin's locker room.

A group of babyfaces was seen congratulating Ricochet after his title win, including Rollins, Heavy Machinery, Carmella, Hawkins and Ryder, Triple H and...Charlotte Flair?

Ricochet's championship photo shoot was gatecrashed by a jovial Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, as well as AJ Styles who, after posing for photos with Ricochet, ominously told him he'd be seeing him tomorrow night.

Shane McMahon announced that he and McIntyre will be facing Reigns in a handicap match on Raw Monday night in Everett, WA.

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