WWE Stomping Grounds Paid Attendance Estimated Between 4000 And 4500

There was nothing behind the curtain...

Plenty of images made the rounds on Twitter last night during WWE Stomping Grounds, depicting a black curtain sectioning off much of the hard camera side of the Tacoma Dome. WWE was reportedly having difficulty selling tickets to the 20,000+ seat building for the pay-per-view in the run-up to Sunday, and it showed when the event was broadcast.

Matt Farmer of DEFY Wrestling, who was in attendance, estimated about 6000 fans in the building, noting lots of two-for-ones and comp entries to try and fill things out. Reportedly, tickets were being given away earlier on Sunday at a local mall.

Dave Meltzer added on Wrestling Observer Radio that about 4000 to 4500 fans in attendance actually paid for admission.

The building can generally hold about 18,000 fans for wrestling events when production equipment, entrance sets, etc, are factored in. WCW Spring Stampede 1999, held in the same building, drew over 17,600 fans.

Crowd reaction for the event, however, seemed very favorable in the early going, reacting positively to a number of matches and performers (particularly local hero Daniel Bryan). More tepid responses came later in the night, especially toward Lacey Evans serving as guest referee during the main event.

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