WWE Superstar Sami Zayn On Current Role, His Future, And Saudi Arabia

The SmackDown Superstar spoke on a number of topics.

Earlier this afternoon, Cultaholic took part in a conference call featuring WWE Superstar Sami Zayn. The former NXT Champion is currently part of the SmackDown brand, and has recently aligned with Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura in more of a non-wrestling role.

He spoke on a number of topics including the planned longevity of his partnership with Nakamura, his thoughts on this direction, and what he hopes the future has in store.

Zayn couldn't precisely remember the origin of the idea to pair him with Nakamura, but did mention that he originally wanted to be associated with two or three Superstars. Regardless, he's currently happy with Shinsuke, and said he was always the first name on his preferred list.

He also mentioned that although he's enjoying his current role, it isn't a permanent change for his career, and assured everybody that we'll continue to see him wrestle in future.

Zayn spoke about how pleased he is that this new pairing has allowed him to develop parts of his persona that he hasn't had a chance to develop over the course of his career. He referred to the fact that for the majority of is pre-WWE career, he didn't even speak (performing under a mask as the mostly silent El Generico).

He also looked to the future, saying that he'd love to continue being a part of the wrestling business after his in-ring career has come to an end. He mentioned how managerial roles have become something of a lost art in the modern era, and how he'd enjoy stepping into such a position in later life. The idea of a commentary position was brought up, which Zayn viewed as very interesting, but also an incredibly difficult role to perform. He also mentioned that it would be very rewarding to help train or coach in the WWE Performance Center.

When asked about his absence from WWE's Network specials in Saudi Arabia, he stressed the complexity of the situation, explaining that it would be very difficult to sum everything up in the amount of time he had on the call.

However, he did say that for the foreseeable future, there was zero interest 'from either side' in his inclusion on WWE's Saudi Arabia shows.

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