WWE 2020 Hall Of Fame Ceremony To Take Place On A Thursday Night

New schedule...

WrestleMania weekend has become a five-day affair in recent years, accounting for the centerpiece event, other annual festivities, and the weekly TV shows.

The first WrestleMania weekend of the "roaring twenties" also encompasses a five-day stretch, but will be configured slightly differently.

WWE's travel package website lists the schedule for WrestleMania weekend next April as follows:

*Thursday, April 2: WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

*Friday, April 3: SmackDown on FOX

*Saturday, April 4: NXT TakeOver: Tampa

*Sunday, April 5: WrestleMania 36

*Monday, April 6: Monday Night Raw

Previous Hall of Fame ceremonies have taken place on the Saturday nights prior to WrestleMania, before the advent of TakeOvers moved some of the ceremonies to Fridays.

With WWE now having "go-home shows" on Friday nights due to the FOX deal, it'll be interesting to see if that SmackDown is a regular episode of the show with matches and angles, or if it'll be more of a streamlined hype show, since WrestleMania takes place less than 48 hours later.

Also of note, the travel package mentions nothing of Wednesday night's NXT episode that would air April 1 on USA Network. Though NXT may be on the road by some point in 2020, Full Sail is less than two hours drive from Tampa.

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