Xavier Woods Confirms He Learned Of WWE Releases During G4 Live Stream

Woods had to leave the set briefly

Xavier Woods has confirmed he found out about the most recent WWE releases during his appearance on a G4 Live Stream. 

WWE released the likes of John Morrison, Hit Row, Drake Maverick and others on Thursday 18 November, at which time King Woods was a part of a live stream event for G4. Woods could be seen to get up and walk off set, before returning to his position.

Speaking with Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Woods confirmed he was reacting to the releases. 

He said: "Yeah. It sucks dude, it sucks cause those people are my friends and some of those guys didn’t even get a chance to have a match on TV. So, it always sucks hearing that news.

"I saw that floating around too, somebody sent it to me and I legit actually didn’t take a second cause I knew we still had an hour left of the live stream. That is my job, I have to do my job but I also have to check on my friends and make sure that people are okay.

"I’m not trying to say like, ‘me, me,’ like no, it’s just, obviously, it happens. It’s a job, it happens everywhere but it doesn’t make it suck any less when you’re not working with your friends anymore."

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