10 Best WWE Raw Title Changes

Best title changes in WWE Raw history

Most big championship wins in WWE are saved for pay-per-views, partly to give them more prestige, partly so the company can sell more WWE Network subscriptions (until the end of 2024 anyway) and more interest in tuning in on Peacock. 

They also have a flagship weekly show to think about, though, and sometimes the audience gets thrown a bone and are given a belt swap for free on Monday nights. 

These are the 10 best WWE Raw title changes ever. 

10. Marty Jannetty wins the Intercontinental Championship - May 17, 1993

Marty jannetty intercontinental champion

Monday Night Raw launched on January 11, 1993, looking and sounding very different to the show we know today (and not just because of the big ICOPRO banner). 

One of the show’s first major moments came on the May 17 episode of its maiden year, when two friends-turned-enemies squared off in a title match for the ages. It had been about 18 months since Marty Jannetty was sent crashing through the barbershop window by Shawn Michaels, which led to the break-up of The Rockers and kickstarted one of the greatest singles careers in wrestling history. 

In a match that could have taken place at WrestleMania 9 had Jannetty not gotten himself released prior to the show, the former Rockers squared off on Raw, with The Heartbreak Kid’s Intercontinental Championship on the line. 

After a stellar contest that won PWI’s 1993 Match of the Year award, Marty scored a huge win over the Sexy Boy, picking up his first singles title in WWE.

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