10 Moments That Killed WCW

10 moments that KILLED WCW

The reason World Championship Wrestling eventually closed in March of 2001 had much more to do with what was happening off-screen than on, but there is no question that a lot of the promotion’s television output contributed to its demise in some form or fashion. 

From the end of 1997 onwards, WCW habitually made ill-advised booking decisions as the product began to reflect the chaotic situation unfolding behind the scenes and provided the televised nails in the coffin for the promotion. 

These are 10 Moments that KILLED WCW. 

10. The main event of Starrcade 1997

Hulk hogan sting starrcade 1997

Starrcade 1997 should have been one of the biggest and best nights in WCW’s history. It was their biggest pay-per-view of the year during a period where they were on fire and still resoundingly kicking WWE’s backside in the Monday Night Wars. 

The main event – with Sting wrestling his first match in an age as he attempted to dethrone tyrannical WCW World Heavyweight Champion and New World Order leader Hulk Hogan – had been built up expertly. 

Regrettably, what should have been a slam dunk (and ended with the Stinger pinning the Hulkster clean to win the title) turned into a total and utter mess. 

Word is Hogan and Eric Bischoff got cold feet when Steve Borden showed up for the pay-per-view without a radioactive tan and Terrible Terry conspired with Nick Patrick to make the planned fast count for the finish a normal one. 

That meant that Sting and Bret Hart looked like total idiots when the match was restarted and allowed Hogan to walk away from the match looking like he was the one who had been screwed over.

Just a lamentable episode of politics playing for all to see and a sign that the rot had begun to set in.

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