10 WWE PG Era Superstars You Don't Remember

These are 10 WWE PG era wrestlers you don't remember

When you think of WWE’s PG Era, what immediately comes to mind? 

Crap comedy? How about Big Show crying or turning or crying while he turns on someone? Or perhaps you instinctively flash to PG poster boy John Cena’s infinite collection of garish t-shirts? 

One thing – or, actually, 10 things – you likely won’t think about are the following PG Era superstars, as you’ll have a hard time recalling them being there in the first place. 

With the WWE PG era now officially over, these are 10 WWE PG Era Superstars You Don’t Remember.

10. Courtney Taylor

Courtney taylor

Like many so-called WWE divas of the era, Courtney Taylor came from a modelling background, having appeared in the pages of Playboy on multiple occasions. 

Not only that, but Taylor – real name Beverly Mullins – was a member of the prestigious Hooters Hall of Fame. 

A fan of the business who cited her hero growing up as Stone Cold Steve Austin, she reported to FCW in 2008 and was given her fair share of go-nowhere gimmicks prior to being called up to the main roster.

Though she wrestled down in Florida, she was brought up to the main roster to briefly act as a backstage interviewer for the drain-circling ECW brand. 

Her most memorable moment on WWE television was probably when she chased someone in a tiger costume through the arena with a golf club on the December 21, 2009 episode of Raw. 

That was really as good as it got for Taylor, who was released from her WWE contract on April 14, 2010 and subsequently retired from the business.

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