10 WWE PG Era Superstars You Don't Remember

These are 10 WWE PG era wrestlers you don't remember

9. Camacho

Camacho 2010s

We are cheating slightly with this entry as the son of Haku is now a member of The Bloodline in Tonga Loa, but you certainly weren’t thinking about Camacho before Backlash 2024. 

Following a successful tryout, Tevita Fefita spent the requisite couple of years in developmental doing a little of this and that, before landing on the main roster as the ‘Latino’ gangster buddy of Hunico. 

If you remember anything about the duo it’s likely their entrance, which saw them ride to the ring on a blinged-out bicycle. Otherwise the pairing was unremarkable and they spent most of their time doing the honours for other, more over tag teams. 

Hunico would fare better after donning the Sin Cara mask (again), while Camacho found himself down in NXT feuding with Adam Rose before being released. He enjoyed far more success in New Japan Pro-Wrestling as Tanga Loa.  

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