Steve Austin Hasn't Been Approached By WWE About CM Punk Match

WWE hasn't got any plans in motion for CM Punk vs. Steve Austin yet

It has emerged since CM Punk’s WWE return at Survivor Series 2023 that there are some potential matches and feuds that have been floated around. These have included the likes of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin, with it going as far as WWE being hopeful about the prospect of Austin vs. Punk. 

When speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided an update on the situation, and revealed that not only had Austin not been approached by WWE, but the chances of it happening aren’t high. 

“As soon as that story came out, I heard from a bunch of people who were pretty close in, and they basically said, ‘Probably shouldn't be doing that one or worrying about that one.’ Basically, it's not anything that anyone's talked about to any degree. I mean, it could happen, and it makes sense.

“As of right now, he hasn't been approached. He's not in. I'm not saying he won't be and that is not their direction. I'm not saying that's like some people thought the same thing you did. ‘Hey, maybe we could do it’…..I would just say it's premature. I wouldn't say it's never going to happen [either].”

Austin vs. Punk has been a dream match for many fans for years, but it isn’t set in stone despite Punk’s WWE return. 

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