10 Best Randy Savage WCW Matches

Snap into some overlooked Macho Madness from WCW

Today is May 2, so I'm sure if you're reading this today you're likely drinking a protein shake (or a delicious glass of Teremana Tequila) and planning on watching The Rundown in honour of The Rock, who turns a year older today. 

Alternatively, perhaps you're going to make a citizen's arrest or eat an enemy's dog in honour of the late Ray Traylor, AKA The Big Boss Man, who was also born on this day. 

Me, however, I'm looking back fondly on the WCW career of Randy Savage, who made his last appearance for the promotion on an episode of Thunder taped on May 2, 2000. 

The Macho Man had been gone from WCW for some time due to creative differences, but made a one-off and totally bizarre return during a 41-man battle royal, then immediatley disappeared again to record a rap album and fight Peter Parker. 

I'm a huge fan of Savage and, while his WWE golden years are untouchable, his WCW work is mostly compelling, too. Yes, even 1999 midlife crisis Macho Man, with his ludicrously inflated physique, leather pants and gaggle of girlfriends. 

Some ex-WWE guys went to WCW during the Monday Night Wars to coast and cash a big paycheque at the expense of Ted Turner, but not Randy. He was a proper difference maker and, when motivated, was still capable of producing a great match. 

Having been phased out and stuck behind a commentator's desk in his final WWE days, it felt like Savage had a point to prove and needed to show his former employer that there was still something left in the tank. 

He did that many times and had several great matches for Eric Bischoff's organisation, the following ten of which are arguably (in no particular order) some of the best. 

10. Vs. Bret Hart - Slamboree 1998

Randy savage slamboree 1998

The generally held belief is that Bret Hart's WCW run was a massive mismanaged disappointment. 

On the whole, that's true, but people tend to overlook some of the better stuff he was in involved in. Like this match with Savage from 1998's Slamboree. 

The Hitman hadn't been in the company long (so his soul was still intact) and enjoyed working with the Macho Man, so this was a spirited affair. The two had wrestled a couple of times previously in WWE, but never in the semi-main event of a pay-per-view, and this felt like a big time clash of strong personalities, helped by Roddy Piper being enlisted as special guest referee. 

Bret and Randy were both older and more worn down than they had been when they met in the years before, and this relied more on brawling and theatrics than technical nous and finesse. 

Hart controlled Savage by working the knee methodically, dictating the pace, while Macho Man - who was at this stage in the nWo Wolfpac and feuding with Hogan's black-and-white crew - valiantly battled through the pain and made select comebacks. 

In the end it all, sadly and rather predictably, degenerated into the typical shenanigans that plagued WCW main events of the era, with Miss Elizabeth and Hogan getting involved, Bret decking Piper in the back of the head with brass knuckles and a weird DQ finish. 

It's probably skippable if you're not a huge fan of either guy (and if you're not I'll have to ask some serious questions), but the bulk of the work is good and, even at half-speed, Randy Savage versus Bret Hart is something to savour.

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