10 Fascinating Tales From WWE WrestleMania History

Fascinating facts about WWE WrestleMania

Whether good, bad, or middle ground, each WrestleMania, without exception, adds new images to the event's overall scrapbook.

Moments in time are indelibly woven into our subconscious, the colourful fodder that fills many a video package, and serve to help define their eras. Even for those who crave excellent matches as a rule secretly know that it's those portraits in time that endure the most.

On the verge of the latest Showcase of the Immortals, we do as we are wont to do on an annual basis, and that's look back at the totality of WrestleMania's three-plus decade history.

We all know the matches we wish to re-watch, the moments we yearn to relive. And with the passing years we learn more about those storied instants, as the principals and peripherals of those scenes have shared priceless tales that serve to enhance those legends.

The following listicle will examine 10 iconic WrestleMania moments and scenes that help construct the pillars of the event's everlasting backbone, and we'll delve beyond the front page to learn a little something extra about these enduring scenarios.

10. Convenient Banking

Roman Reigns had WWE Champion Brock Lesnar dead to rights. The champ was bleeding like a stuck pig, and had been battered by a parade of Superman punches and spears.

Lesnar, however, had the wherewithal to snatch the supercharged challenger out of the air and plant him with a bone-crunching F5.

With both men lying prone, those familiar guitar riffs hit, and out came Seth Freakin' Rollins, toting that Money in the Bank briefcase. Before you knew it, Reigns endured an ardent stomp that gave the gold to the intruder.

The plan to put the belt on red-hot Rollins as opposed to the less-popular Reigns wasn't put into motion until deep into the WrestleMania card.

It was during the segment in which The Rock and Ronda Rousey put Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in their place that Michael Hayes summoned Reigns, Rollins, Lesnar, and Paul Heyman into a room to tell them plans had changed, and Rollins was going to cash in that night, inside of the next hour.

Plan A was for a clean 'Big Dog' title victory, and when that went out the window, Reigns' father, Wild Samoan Sika, reportedly nearly caused an ugly scene by flying off the handle.

I mean, you’d think the veteran would know it’s a work by now…

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