10 Best TNA Wrestling Moments

Only the best TNA Wrestling moments

Whatever the name, be it TNA, Global Force or IMPACT Wrestling, it’s quite astonishing that the promotion that so many people wrote off time and time again has now been around for over 20 years and over 1,000 episodes of television. 

Not only that, but TNA Wrestling has provided some truly amazing moments in that time. We’re not just writing about amazing moments for IMPACT, either, as their contributions to the industry as a whole should not be slept on. 

From epic debuts and emotional title triumphs to physics-defying stunts, these are the 10 Best TNA Wrestling Moments. 

10. The Unbreakable 2005 Three-Way

Unbreakable 2005 main event

The main event of Unbreakable 2005 was given to AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Samoa Joe, as the ultra-talented threesome clashed in a Three Way match for the Fallen Angel’s X-Division Title. 

The X-division stars had routinely stolen the show since the promotion’s inception, but this was the first time the high-fliers had been tasked with headlining a pay-per-view. What the trio of stalwarts managed to produce exceeded even the loftiest of expectations.

For almost 25 breathtaking minutes, Daniels, Joe and Styles put it all on the line in one of the most hard-hitting and innovative bouts ever seen inside a six-sided ring, which ended with The Phenomenal One regaining the title.

Summing up what the company’s hungry up-and-comers were all about, this five-star classic not only shone a spotlight on the hardworking X division, but reinforced the notion that TNA were a group very much on the rise. 

If you wanted cutting-edge professional wrestling performed by fresh faces, this was the place to see it. 

There have been many great matches in TNA history, but the main event of Unbreakable 2005 remains the crème de la crème.

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