10 Biggest TNA Wrestling Controversies Ever

10 biggest controversies in TNA Wrestling history

Total Nonstop Action is back, with TNA Wrestling having been brought back from the dead earlier this year. 

One thing those currently in charge of TNA will not want to see return is the sheer volume of controversy that seemed to follow the Jarrett-founded league following its 2002 inception. 

Backstage fights, arrests, torrid love triangles, lawsuits – you name it, TNA experienced it and often responded in the worst possible way.

These are the 10 Biggest TNA Wrestling Controversies. 

10. Cookiegate

Cookiegate 2

When the WWE crew booked out a Universal Studios soundstage in November of 2004 to shoot the commercial for their upcoming Royal Rumble pay-per-view, the TNA boys and girls across the way sensed an opportunity to cause mischief. 

BJ James, Ron Killings, Shane Douglas, Abyss, Konnan and Traci Brooks ‘invaded’ the shoot, offering WWE wrestlers and crew cookies and balloons while scoffing their catering and demanding to see Vince McMahon.

They also filmed several WWE stars – including an unmasked Rey Mysterio – without permission and generally acted like fools until they were sternly asked to leave. 

WWE’s legal department didn’t see the funny side of the publicity stunt and sent letters warning TNA against airing any of the footage, lest they want to be sued.

Much was made of the threats and what TNA could possibly have on that videotape but, in the end, they ended up showing some rather innocuous footage that showed a blurred Mysterio and Luther Reigns and was only amusing due to the former Road Dogg’s cracks about mahi-mahi.

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