10 Biggest WWE Hall Of Fame Omissions

What's preventing these legends from being inducted?

Today - December 5 - would have been the birthday of Tom 'The Dynamite Kid' Billington, who passed away on (of all days) December 5, 2018 at the age of 60. 

One of the best pure in-ring performers ever, Dynamite was revolutionary when he burst onto the scene in the 1970's, having classic matches everywhere from Saskatchewan, Canada to Yokohama, Japan.

Combining the styles he had learned in England, working for Stampede and while plying his trade in the Land of the Rising Sun, Dynamite introduced a hybrid style that would become commonplace many years later, when a generation of grapplers inspired by him decided to get into the business. 

He was also a star for WWE, as one half of the British Bulldogs tag team alongside cousin Davey Boy Smith. 

While Smith was finally inducted earlier this year, Dynamite was left out in the cold.

While he no doubt deserves to be in there for his impact on the business, Billington's volatile personal life and reputation as a hellraiser preceded him. He was also left confined to a wheel chair and completely broke after being forced to retire due to devastating back injuries. 

He was a complicated character and had some major flaws, yes, but so do many others who currently sit in WWE's Hall of Fame. 

Despite his faults, many think he should be in there, too. And he's not the only one, either. 

10. Sid

Sycho sid wwe


Whether he was a 'Sycho' or 'Vicious', The Master and Ruler of the The World absolutely deserves to be in the WWE Hall of Fame. 

A major star in both WWE and WCW in the 90's, Sid held both companies' world titles on two occasions each. 

He's not going to win any awards for his ring work (though he was a better worker and had better matches than people give him credit for), but you cannot deny that he was a memorable character and had a star presence. 

He's been an often controversial character away from the ring and had a tendency to leave WWE on less-than-stellar terms at awkward times. He also got into that infamous scissor fight with Arn Anderson during a WCW European tour in 1993, which cost him his job with Ted Turner's organisation. 

But Sid Eudy has been mostly quiet since suffering that horrific leg injury at WCW's Sin pay-per-view in 2001. 

He doesn't show up on shows like Raw Reunion (he actually pulled out days before) and was last seen in WWE in 2012, where he showed up as the surprise opponent of Heath Slater when the One Man Band was targeting legends. 

As a man who held the WWE Title on multiple occasions, worked with just about every major star of his day, main-evented pay-per-views and headlined two WrestleManias, Sid really should be in the Hall of Fame. 

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