10 Biggest WWE Pay-Per-View Match Disasters

Who let these dogs out?

Today marks 23 years since Unforgiven 1999 took place. 

A decent show with a stacked Six Pack Challenge main event over the vacant WWE Title, the show is nevertheless probably best remembered for featuring one of the worst matches WWE have ever put on pay-per-view. 

The infamous Kennel from Hell match was the culmination of the wacky feud between Al Snow and the Big Boss Man, and saw both competitors wrestle in the old school blue bar cage, with the Hell in the Cell cage surrounding it, as Rottweilers patrolled the gap between the two structures. To win, one wrestler would have to somehow leave both cages, lest he be mauled to death by the hungry hounds. 

An interesting idea in theory (maybe), it was a total failure in execution. Not only was the content of the match itself bad, but the Rottweilers were not properly trained and were more concerned with going to the toilet or humping their trainer's legs than following the script. 

It was not good. But, amazingly, it might not have even been Boss Man's worst match inside the Cell that year! 

Yes, WWE have presented some real stinkers after we've forked over our hard-earned money in the past. Few are worse than the following 10 disasters.  

10. Stevie Richards Vs. Tyson Tomko - Unforgiven 2004

Tyson tomko stevie richards unforgiven 2004

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It's never good when a match starts because a big, bald man in tattoos calls another man wearing women's close a 'cross-dressing hermaphrodite'. 

Is it? 

Tyson Tomko finally got his hands on the meddling 'mystery woman', after 'she' (Stevie Richards) had been interfering in Victoria's matches for weeks. It was not a well-kept secret, of course, and the Problem Solver had had enough. 

The storyline was the pits and the match an abomination. Tomko stripped Richards and then beat him down to total silence, save for a couple of 'boring' chants here or there. 

That Stevie busting out the testicular claw was the match's highpoint should give some indication as to just how bad the whole thing was. Sadly, he was then quickly distracted by his own bra and was hit with Tyson's finisher, whatever that was called. 

None of this had any business being on pay-per-view. Or on television. Or in a wrestling ring.

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