10 Most Surprising WWE Main Eventers

Several surprise choices to go on last!

If a person is main-eventing one of WWE's pay-per-view, you assume they are a big deal and part of a pretty elite group of people. 

There are only so many pay-per-views and only so many top-tier talents to fill those top spots, with the same performers tending to get recycled in and out of main events depending on whatever is going on storyline-wise. Those with the most pay-per-view main events in company history are also either already hall of famers or will undoubtedly receive an induction when their in-ring careers are over, from The Undertaker to John Cena to Triple H to Randy Orton to Roman Reigns. 

Occasionally, however, there's an outlier, someone you'd never dream in a month of Sundays would headline a show that you had to stump up for and amongst WWE's long history, we've found the best (or the worst) of those unlikely main eventers.

From the cruel to the unusually booked, find out 10 surprising WWE pay-per-view main eventers below!

10. Gene Snitsky

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Gene Snitsky was plucked from obscurity and planted right into the thick of it when he was taken directly from developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, flown to Raw and put in an angle with Kane, which eventually developed into one of Raw's top storylines of 2004. 

Before long, the man who proclaimed that it "wasn't his fault" was kicking baby dolls into the crowd and making the worst friends imaginable. It was a hell of a run for the big man and he got a single pay-per-view main event out of it, teaming up with Edge, Batista, and Triple H to take on Randy Orton, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, and Maven at Survivor Series 2004. 

Maven is another unusual one to see in that lineup of enviable talent, but the first-ever Tough Enough winner didn't actually make it to the ring until halfway through the match, having been attacked by Snitsky and left a bloody mess earlier in the night. 

His valiant return was bad news for Gene, as Maven accidentally cracked his orbital bone with an errant potato punch. Snitsky evidently thought Maven was, in fact, at fault, and provided a harsh receipt with a skull-crushing chair shot to the head. 

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