10 Greatest Announce Table Spots In WWE History

10 best WWE announce table spots ever

Why would anyone want to be a WWE announcer?

Not only did Vince McMahon constantly yell in your ear but there was a very real risk that your workspace could be destroyed by a bunch of rampaging wrestlers. One of those things is no longer an issue but tables collapsing all around you remains an ever-present danger, particularly when pay-per-views roll around.  

In the long history of muscular dudes and dudettes getting chucked through a desk made out of exploding cardboard, a few instances stand out above the rest.

These are the 10 greatest announce table spots in WWE history. 

10. Bret Hart's Mould Breaker - Survivor Series 1995

Bret hart survivor series 1995 announce table

Bret Hart was an innovator in many ways during his career, helping to bring technical wrestling to WWE’s main event, pioneering realistic selling in the company, and being the first person in recorded history to look good whilst wearing wraparound shades. 

You can also add him being the first person to go through a WWE announce table to his list of accolades, as that’s precisely what happened when he took on Diesel at the 1995 Survivor Series. 

As The Hitman struggled to get back inside the ring from the apron, Big Daddy Cool pounced and shoved his opponent backwards, sending him crashing through the announce table, which, in those days, was just a regular table with some cloth on it. Not only was this moment historic, but it still looks great. 

The way Hart slams clumsily through the wood adds an air of realism and spontaneity to the moment, making it seem as if something has gone wrong.

This is the table bump against which all others are measured, and it still stands out after all these years. 

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