10 Wrestlers Who Lost Their WWE Debut Match

10 wrestlers who lost their WWE debuts

Even though it’s only one of hundreds, if not potentially thousands of matches, there is significant importance placed on a wrestler’s debut. 

This is especially true when it comes to televised debuts for major companies like WWE. With the world watching, the last thing a superstar wants to do is make a bad ‘first impression’. They would also (in an ideal world) emerge on the scene as a nascent hero and have their hand raised at the end. 

I think we’ve firmly established that, at this point, the world is not perfect and debutants don’t always get going with glory.

These are 10 Wrestlers Who Lost Their WWE Debut Match. 

10. Chris Jericho

9241 chris jericho

Chris Jericho had an all-time WWE debut to remember. 

Shockingly interrupting The Rock on the August 9, 1999 episode of Monday Night Raw, Y2J immediately established himself as a big deal by verbally sparring with The Great One. 

That confrontation, however, didn’t set Jericho up for an in-ring showdown with the People’s Champion. 

In fact, he didn’t make his in-ring debut until over two weeks later, when he battled Road Dogg on the August 26 episode of SmackDown. 

The match itself was standard mid-card WWE TV fare from the era, with classic spots like Howard Finkel throwing a drink in Mr Dogg’s face. 

That wasn’t enough for referee Tim White to call for the bell, but Jericho hitting his opponent with a powerbomb through a table was. 

Though he technically lost his debut via disqualification, Chris by no means was booked to look ‘weak’, as he continued to punish his opponent with a post-match Walls of Jericho, only relinquishing the hold after the intervention of several WWE officials. 

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