10 Wrestlers Who Had A Late Career Renaissance

10 wrestlers who enjoyed a late career renaissance

Professional wrestling is an industry in which getting older doesn’t necessarily equate to a bad thing, as some even hit their prime in their 40s! There are peaks and troughs throughout the careers of some individuals in wrestling, and the following are examples of wrestlers who had success in their younger years, fell off the map, only to return in a big way during the twilight of their careers. 

These inspirational stories prove that there is no such thing as “too late” and that being of a certain age isn’t as bad as it’s often made out to be.

These are 10 Wrestlers Who Had A Late Career Renaissance.

10. Fit Finlay

Finlay wwe 2008

It was in WCW where Northern Ireland’s finest first came to a global audience’s attention, under the name The Belfast Bruiser. Fit Finlay would go on to win the WCW Television Title before hanging up his leather jacket in 2000, transitioning into a backstage role during the promotion’s dying days due to injuries.

He was snapped up by WWE after the buyout as a trainer and agent, which meant that he mercifully missed out on the Invasion. Then, after three years working behind the scenes, Finlay decided that he wasn’t quite done in the ring just yet. In January of 2006, the veteran made his WWE TV debut at the not-so-tender age of 47.

He would work as a wrestler for the next four years, winning the United States Championship, feuding with the top stars of the day, and helping to bring Hornswoggle into WWE. Finlay once again picked up a backstage role after his second retirement, occasionally appearing on TV to get massive pops, such as when he allowed Becky Lynch to appear in the 2019 Royal Rumble.

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