10 Infamously Short-Lived WWE Gimmicks

The most infamous one-and-dones (or close to it) to have ever graced a WWE audience...

Making it to the big time in whatever your desired profession - it's a dream come true. Elation, bewilderment, astonishment, jubilation, all feelings that coarse through your body when you realize you've arrived. And then, with the snap of a mythical ogre's fingers, it's all gone. Reality hits you hard as you realize that the dream is over, before you even had a chance to settle in.

Through the years, we've seen performers on WWE television that were (to be fair) subpar wrestlers, or perhaps good wrestlers saddled with absolute duds for gimmicks. But many of them were given a little bit of time to try and right the ship, to find solid footing. Others didn't have that same fortune, disappearing faster than a six-pack at The Sandman's house.

In the land of McMahon, new acts have come and gone through the years, but these are the ones that were shown the door in record time. Some may have had better luck later on with a bit of retooling, but for the most part, this list represents the ultimate dustbin in WWE history, the most infamous one-and-dones (or close to it) to have ever graced a WWE audience.

10. Key

Key wwf

At the height of the Attitude Era 20 years ago, there were many offbeat characters roaming about WWE programming. One particular tandem that didn't seem too out of place in late-nineties pro wrestling matched up the quirky, tatted-and-pierced Droz with the menacing Prince Albert, who himself was a malevolent piercist. The two were feuding with Val Venis and The Godfather in the summer of 1999 when the heels were suddenly joined by a rather large individual.

Enter Key, better known throughout the independent scene as Vic Grimes. Barely over six feet tall and weighing well over 300 pounds, Grimes developed a cult following for his high-impact matches against Erin O'Grady, the future Crash Holly, leading to both men signing with WWE. After time spent in development, Grimes became Key, an apparent drug dealer who wore all white, looking more like a demented ice cream man. Key teamed with his alternative brethren in a six-man squash match on Shotgun, and then was never seen on WWE TV again. Rumours were that Key injured Godfather legitimately during a beatdown, and that got him cast out. Others say WWE got cold feet on the "drug dealer" gimmick, and thus pulled the plug.

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