10 Most Shocking WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations

The most shocking WWE Royal Rumble eliminations in history!

While much of the excitement and anticipation for the Royal Rumble match has to do with speculating on the potential winner and trying to guess the surprise cameos, WWE’s 30-man over-the-top-rope battle royal has the capacity to shock in various ways.

One such way is with an unexpected elimination. In the 25-year-history of the Rumble, WWE fans have witnessed many eliminations that they never saw coming in a million years. Sometimes, the wrestlers themselves didn’t know much about it, either…

These are the 10 Most Shocking WWE Royal Rumble Eliminations. 

10. Mick Foley Eliminates Randy Orton (And Himself) - 2004

Mick foley royal rumble 2004

Mick Foley has had his fair share of memorable moments at the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, from his pair of brutal WWE Title matches with The Rock and Triple H to the time he entered one Rumble as all three of his faces: Cactus Jack, Mankind, and Dude Love. 

Another moment from Foley’s Rumble history that tends to be forgotten about was when he returned, unannounced, in the 2004 match. 

The Hardcore Legend wasn’t an official entrant, coming in at number 21 to replace the incapacitated Test. Mrs Foley’s Baby Boy made a beeline for Randy Orton, the cocky Intercontinental Champion who had spat in his face and forced Mick to walk out on an episode of Raw six weeks prior.

Peppering The Legend Killer with stiff shots, Foley then sent the pair of them sailing over the top rope to the floor with a mighty clothesline, where they continued to brawl. 

Not only was this a nice surprise, it was also shocking because Orton had been in the match for over 30 minutes by that point, racking up five eliminations in the process.  

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