10 Most Shocking WWE Survivor Series Moments

Yes, 1997 is in here...

Today (November 14) marks 22 years since WWE Survivor Series 1999 took place. 

It was certainly a noteworthy show, featuring the debut of Kurt Angle, some attempted vehicular homicide and the crowning of a surprising new WWE Champion. 

The biggest thing to happen on the pay-per-view was the angle where Steve Austin was run over by a mystery assailant in the arena's parking lot. That rendered Stone Cold unable to compete as scheduled in the triple threat WWE Title main event with Triple H and The Rock. 

His place was taken by Big Show, who improbably won the match and his first WWE Title. 

It was all very shocking, but shocking and Survivor Series tend to go hand in hand.

As one of WWE's original 'big four' pay-per-views and having been around since 1990, Survivor Series is usually a show where major things happen. 

Whether it's debuts, turns, attempted vehicular homicide or whatever, you can typically count on Survivor Series to generate at least one shocking moment. 

Nothing can ever be as important as BRAND SUPREMACY, but the following ten moments really were seismic ones in WWE history. 

10. Backlund Beats Bret - 1994

Bob backlund wwe champion survivor series 1994

The resurgence of Bob Backlund during the New Generation Era was a pleasant surprise. 

As the seemingly out-of-touch representative of the 'old generation', Mr. Backlund was good value and found himself improbably placed into a programme with WWE Champion Bret Hart. 

Their rivalry (initially) culminated in a Submission Match at Survivor Series '94. The Sharpshooter versus the Crossface Chickenwing, it was an intriguing game of chess where the only way to win was for the opponent's second to throw in the towel. 

Bret's jealous brother Owen accompanied Backlund, while The British Bulldog was stationed at ringside for The Hitman. 

The finish was great, with Davey Boy getting knocked out after messing about with Owen, Bret getting trapped in the Chickenwing and, feigning concern for his older sibling, Owen convincing his parents - sitting in the front row - to throw in the towel for Bret, as he valiantly fought to get out of the hold.

Backlund winning was a shock, since he was a comparatively ancient 45 years-old when he became WWE Champion for the second time, over a decade after he had last held the belt. 

Not so shocking was his subsequent three-day reign, which famously ended in eight seconds at the hands of Diesel at a Madison Square Garden house show. 

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