10 Reversed WWE Title Changes

Not every WWE title change is permanent

When a championship is won in a sport or an award is given in some avenue of entertainment, you usually expect the result to stick. 

In the sports entertainment world of WWE, however, a title change is never a sure thing since, whether it be to advance storylines, test a reaction or just to get people talking, WWE can always find a way to reverse, cancel or otherwise ignore them.

So pause those celebrations, bring up the instant replay and get out the big book of Dusty finishes, because these are 10 reversed WWE title changes. 

10. Daniel Bryan - World Heavyweight Championship (2011)

Daniel bryan november 25 2011 reversed cash in

We all remember Daniel Bryan’s meteoric rise to his WWE Title triumph in the main event of WrestleMania 30 in 2014. 

The YES Movement had made D-Bry the most popular performer in the company in the run-up to his big win at the Showcase of the Immortals, with fans passionately spurring on the seemingly ‘overlooked’ star.

What tends to be forgotten about is The American Dragon’s previous World Heavyweight Title run, which began in late 2011. 

Bryan was a reigning Money in the Bank contract holder, having won SmackDown’s version of the eponymous ladder match.

He attempted to cash in during his feud with Mark Henry, though the first couple of attempts proved fruitless. 

The World’s Strongest Man attacked the bearded wonder before the match could even start the first time, while the second time it seemed as though had Bryan done it after Big Show had knocked Henry out for him on the November 25 episode of SmackDown.

But hold on a minute, playa, because here comes SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long to let us all know that Henry was not medically cleared to compete and voided the switch.

Bryan finally managed to pull it off almost a month later at TLC.

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