10 Wrestler Deaths Ignored By WWE

WWE don't acknowledge every wrestler's passing

When a current or ex-WWE star passes away, the company will typically pay tribute to them, either with a whole show dedicated to their memory, a documentary presentation, a music video lionising their career or, at the very least, a graphic or a few words from the announcers to the televised audience. 

Typically, but not always, because there have been WWE stars, among them long-serving former champions, who didn’t get their posthumous due, most often because of the way in which they left this mortal coil.

These are 10 wrestler deaths ignored by WWE. 

10. Kerry Von Erich

Kerry von erich the texas tornado intercontinental champion

At one point in time, Kerry Von Erich was one of the biggest pro wrestling stars on the planet. 

The former NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion was enormously popular with fans in the Von Erich family-run World Class Championship Wrestling and it was this sort of devoted following, coupled with his impressive physique, jocular charms and charisma that caught the attention of WWE. 

Sadly, Kerry – who would be rechristened The Texas Tornado - was far from his best when he joined Vince McMahon’s organisation in the Summer of 1990. 

Substance abuse issues and an amputated food hampered his performance at times, but Kerry was still incredibly over and was good value for a three-month Intercontinental Championship run shortly after joining the promotion. 

Sadly, that was as good as it got for Fritz Von Erich’s son as his mounting personal problems led to his departure in August of 1992. 

Like brothers Mike and Chris before him, Kerry ended up taking his own life on February 18, 1993. 

WWE neglected to mention Kerry’s passing on Raw four days later and never really mentioned him at all until they acquired the World Class tape library from Kevin Von Erich in 2005. 

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