10 Worst TNA Gimmick Changes

TNA's 10 worst gimmick changes in history

Although much can and has been said about TNA Wrestling over the years, the promotion rarely messed with a wrestler’s gimmick when that gimmick worked and they even, on occasion, upgraded a rubbish one to a winner. 

Sometimes, however, the opposite was true and a bunch of seriously talented performers were saddled with potential career-killing guises.

These are the 10 worst TNA gimmick changes.

10. Amazing Red To Sangriento

Sangriento graphic

It’s no wonder that the Amazing Red drew comparisons to Rey Mysterio. 

Red, like Rey, was diminutive by industry standards, but Red (like Rey) made sure his size (or lack of it) was not an issue by being so exciting and revolutionary between the ropes that punters simply didn’t care. 

Though Red was obviously inspired by Mysterio, he was very much his own man and helped popularise the continued evolution of the lucha-influenced style the masked man had initially made mainstream.

When Eric Bischoff came to power in TNA, he, like many, saw Red as being the company’s version of the Biggest Little Man. Only, you know, literally.  

Yes, Easy E’s grand idea was to repackage the Amazing Red with a new Mysterio-like gimmick, which amounted to no more than ‘let’s change his name and put him in a new costume and see what happens’. 

Sangriento – who wrestled three televised matches for TNA, including two victories over Suicide on IMPACT – was given no discernible backstory or any distinguishing features. It was just Amazing Red in a ropey mask. It didn’t work and was quickly dropped, with Red leaving the company not long after. 

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