10 Bizarre Ways Wrestlers Have Been Written Off TV

These are 10 bizarre ways that talents have been written off TV

There might not be an off-season in professional wrestling, but sometimes wrestlers do need to take time off. 

They could need to rehab an injury, serve a suspension or simply need to go away because they’ve been overexposed and have to leave so they can come back fresh.

There are many ways to write a performer off television – simple, timed-tested ways – but why go for those when you can get creative with stabbings, explosions and good old-fashioned kidnappings? 

These are 10 bizarre ways wrestlers have been written off TV. 

10. Stabbed in a nightclub

John cena carlito

Towards the end of 2004, it was becoming plainly obvious that John Cena was the next major wrestling star on the cusp of breaking out.

WWE sensed it, which is why they made Cena the United States Champion and selected him to head up their first WWE Studios vehicle – The Marine. 

Since The Marine was being filmed in Australia, Cena needed to not only drop his title, but be excused from storylines for about a month or so. He did the honours to a debuting Carlito and then afterwards it was announced that the Dr of Thuganomics had been stabbed while out in a Boston area nightclub. 

A week later, SmackDown General Manager Teddy Long told the rest of the assembled roster that Cena had been stabbed in the kidney and that it was unknown how long he’d be out for. 

Carlito’s bodyguard Jesus was accused of doing the dirty deed and Cena duly came back for revenge, with nary a scar on his body. 

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