10 Awful WWE Gimmicks That Only Lasted One Night

10 terrible WWE gimmicks that only lasted one night

Some terrible WWE gimmicks are given plenty of time to leave their lamentable mark on the wrestling world, whether they are permitted on the airwaves for weeks, months or, indeed, years. 

Others, however, reared their ugly little heads just once before being told to go back down whatever wretched little hole they came from. 

Their sports entertainment lives may have been brief but, in a few cases, that brevity has only helped them live on in infamy. 

These are 10 awful WWE Gimmicks That Only Lasted ONE Night. 

10. Seven

Seven wcw dustin rhodes

We thought we’d get the cheating part out of the way first, because we’re kicking off with a WCW creation. Since WWE bought WCW then they can own their mistakes as well. 

After a successful almost four-year run as Goldust, Dustin Rhodes left WWE and re-signed with WCW in late 1999. 

He didn’t do so as ‘The Natural’ and he couldn’t be ‘The Bizarre One’, unless WCW wanted to get sued. 

So we got Seven instead, who was introduced via a vignette showing Rhodes, wearing all black and sporting a face covered in white makeup and blood-red eyes, as he creepily peaked through a little boy’s bedroom window. 

Ostensibly based on alien species The Strangers from the film Dark City, Turner Broadcasting’s standards and practices department were quite rightly concerned it would instead be interpreted as a child abductor and quickly put the kibosh on it. 

Dustin only appeared once before the crowd as Seven, making a spectacular entrance on Nitro before denouncing the gimmick with a worked-shoot promo.

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