10 WWE Dream Matches That Only Happened Once

These are 10 WWE dream matches that only took place once

WWE dream matches are typically confined to the minds of fans, but they do come to fruition every once in a while. 

Whilst we are never going to see Steve Austin and Hulk Hogan trading finishers or Bret Hart and Kurt Angle painting a pro-wrestling masterpiece, we have been lucky enough to witness one-time-only meetings between some of the biggest and best WWE stars. 

Whether these ‘dream matches’ lived up to lofty expectations, however, is a different matter entirely.

These are 10 WWE dream matches that only happened once. 

10. Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan

Daniel bryan sami zayn survivor series 2018

Many of Brock Lesnar’s matches since his 2012 return have been one-off dream bouts due to the nature of The Beast Incarnate’s part-time schedule and penchant for handpicking who he wants to work with – which is usually major stars like John Cena, Goldberg and Roman Reigns. 

Of the one-time-only deals, his matches with CM Punk and AJ Styles were both top-tier, but for the sheer ‘Is this actually happening?’ weirdness of it all, Lesnar’s match with Daniel Bryan from Survivor Series 2018 pips it. 

As fun as it is watching Brock throw down with one of his fellow monsters, he’s arguably at his best when he’s in there with a smaller, technically savvier opponent. 

The American Dragon was certainly that and played a blinder in this David versus Goliath, WWE Champion versus Universal Champion stunner. 

The Beast took the bulk of the match and punished D-Bry with brutal suplexes, but the plucky Bryan never gave in and kept finding openings and ways to hurt his much larger foe who, it must be said, expertly sold a knee injury to create real doubt about the result. 

After almost 20 minutes of stellar action, Brock walked away with the victory but knew he had been made to earn it. 

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