10 Teams You Forgot Were WWE Tag Team Champions

How about those mid-2000's huh?

Happy Birthday to Nick Dinsmore, AKA former WWE superstar Eugene! 

Dinsmore - who has recently announced a forthcoming 'Retirement Tour' - toiled for an age on the indies and then in WWE's developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, before finally making it to the bigtime as the simple savant. 

In the summer of 2004, Eugene was everywhere. He was involved in a feud with Triple H, which led to a match at SummerSlam, tagged with Ric Flair on pay-per-view and was a part of The Rock's last in-ring segment for an age. 

Eugene was a character first and foremost and was never going to be in the title mix (at least not for long). He did, however, win the World Tag Team Titles on one occasion, though he held the belts only briefly. 

He was one of many wrestlers, particularly from this era, who you might struggle to remember holding doubles gold. 

10. Eugene & William Regal

Eugene william regal

Eugene was Eric Bischoff's kayfabe nephew, the Raw General Manager placing him under the care of the recently returned William Regal (who had been battling health issues for the past year). 

They were a classic odd couple pairing and the blue-blooded Brit wasn't exactly keen at first though he came to have an affinity for his 'special' friend and sought to protect him against those who wished to take advantaged of him.

The two became a full-time tag team in the fall of 2004 and WWE teased giving them the tag straps when Raw was taped from Manchester, England on October 11.

They 'won', only for Bischoff to restart the match, after which La Resistance retained. 

Still, WWE must have liked the reaction Eugene and Regal got, because they booked the strip proper on the November 15 episode of Raw. They defended the titles a few times on television, mostly against La Resistance, but their reign was ultimately cut short. 

While defending against Christian and Tyson Tomko in the opener of 2005's New Year's Revolution pay-per-view, Eugene landed badly on a dropkick and injured his knee. 

He needed surgery and would be out for a while, so WWE booked a title change on a house show, La Resistance regaining the belts (with Jonathan Coachman subbing for Eugene). 

Regal would bounce back not too long after, joining up with Tajiri in another odd couple scenario and winning the titles on an episode of Raw that emanated from the Japanese Buzzsaw's homeland. 

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