10 Things You Didn't Know About WWE WrestleMania 20

What happened when it 'all began again'?

March 14 marks the anniversary of WrestleMania XX, meaning it has been seventeen years since the night where it 'all begins again'. 

The twentieth 'Mania really was a night where it felt like there was a change, as the long-underutilised Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit ended the evening as world champions of their respective brands, the two friends embracing in the ring as confetti fell and a sold-out Madison Square Garden cheered on in recognition and approval. 

That emotional scene capped off what had been a very eventful card, a star-studded show befitting the occasion. 

As with any major event, and especially WrestleMania, there was plenty happening not just in the ring but behind-the-scenes, too, and many of the stories going into the twentieth Showcase of the Immortals were as compelling, if not more so, than what WWE managed to script for television. 

That's true as far as the build up to the show, the show itself and its aftermath. 

To mark the occasion, enjoy these ten things about WrestleMania XX that you (maybe) didn't know, including tales of proposed returns, superstar walkouts and potential dream matches that were (at the very least) talked about...

10. It Was Molly Holly's Idea To Have Her Head Shaved

Molly holly victoria wrestlemania xx


WrestleMania XX was a truly stacked card, as WWE did everything they could to book it in a way that would get as many people as possible onto it. 

After all, this was the historic twentieth WrestleMania, taking place in the World's Most Famous Arena and everyone wanted their moment on the show (not to mention the associated payday). 

As such, there were several multi-man matches, including two four-team tag matches and a ten-man cruiserweight open. 

In order to ensure that she would get on the bill, Molly Holly pitched that she would wrestle - and lose - a Hair versus Hair match with Women's Champion Victoria. 

Molly said this about the process to In Your House Wrestling in 2013: 

"I was told by the writing team that they were not going to have a Women’s Championship match at WrestleMania, and I was really hurt by that…so I just came up with an idea that I thought they couldn’t say no to, and so I pitched it. They said, 'OK, you can be on WrestleMania if you get your head shaved'. And I was like “Yes!”. So yeah, I was excited about it, it was my idea, they actually did it, and even though there wasn’t much of a storyline and people didn’t really love or hate me that much as a character at that time, I still was really happy to be able to do something memorable".

Prior to Mighty Molly's suggestion, the only women's match scheduled for the show was the tag team Playboy Evening Gown Match featuring Torrie Wilson, Sable, Miss Jackie and Stacy Keibler. 

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